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 Our member in the spotlight this month is:

 Juan Hansford

Juan is not only our president but he is also one of the many driving forces behind CNG.  Juan has earned the coveted spot for Member of the Month for keeping the drive and focus alive for our members and our guests.

Way to go Juan!

Although our spots are limited, we are always looking for new members. Give us a call anytime, or send us an email today.

Darlene Underwood - Membership Director

Call (423) 344-5353 for details.

“I want to make money.
                                  I want to have fun, too.
                                                                    Why can’t I do both?”


You can! The Chattanooga Networking Group is the #1 group in the city. The group was formed in 2008. Many of our current members had been involved in other groups for over 10 years. We took the best parts of those groups, mixed in the ideas we thought worked best, added a dash of humor, and distilled this mix into what we believe is the best networking experience around.

The basic premise we operate under can be summed up in two words – Givers Get. We truly believe Zig Ziglar had it right when he said “You can have anything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want”.

We help and support each other in a number of ways. We share marketing ideas like creating & monitoring this site. We discuss topics of interest and importance; for example we recently had a presentation on the coming changes in the heathcare reform bill. And yes, we pass referrals; in fact, we do that SO well we’ve exceeded our goal almost every month, and are well ahead of the goal for the year. By helping each other grow we have in fact grown to 23 members. It’s like having 23 business consultants helping you every week!

Yes, we have a lot of fun, but this is a serious way to increase your business. There are a couple of key components to our success. First, referrals in this group are designed to be a passing of information or a direct purchase from a member; just having a one on one meeting with another member is NOT a referral. That means we can vouch each week for the chance members have to honestly make money. The second is that we allow only one company per business in the group. If I pay for the privilege of being in a group, I don’t need to pay for the privilege of competing against a bunch of other people. I do that every day WITHOUT paying for it.


We operate with a few simple rules, but you’ll find the Chattanooga Networking Group is a great way to boost your business and have fun while doing it! We invite you to contact us by completing the contact form or by contacting ANY of the members you see listed for an invitation to our next meeting. We look forward to seeing you there!

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